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افتتاح متحف يوسف بك كرم في زغرتا افتتاح متحف يوسف بك كرم في زغرتا

منزل يوسف بك كرم الوالدي في زغرتا تحول الى متحف ومعه تحولت الحارة القديمة او حارة "السيدة" الى مقصد ووجهة العديد من السواح ومحبي كرم والزغرتاويين الذين يزورون المتحف للاطلاع على ما يحوي وللصلاة على نية كرم ورجالاته حيث يؤكد الوافدون على اهمية هذا البيت ورمزيته.

Various Various
Various photos taken in different places in Lebanon. Album updated regularly.
Dino city, ajaltoun Dino city, ajaltoun
"Dino City" is a prehistoric park that takes you on a journey through time ever since the Big bang (14 billion years ago) and our first ancestors (the homo habilis) appeared 3 million years ago.

Lebanon - Kesrwan - Ajaltoun main road ( Zone 21, Street 6 ) 850 meters above the sea 35 minutes from the Airport
Telephone: +(961) 9 - 23 23 16 +(961) 9 - 23 30 16
Mobile: +(961) 70 - 105 999

Beit Chabeb, Matn, Lebanon Beit Chabeb, Matn, Lebanon
Photos taken from elmarada.org website.
NatGeo Traveler contest - Stunning photographies NatGeo Traveler contest - Stunning photographies
NatGeo Traveler contest - Stunning photographies
عين زحلتا ... لوائل لادقي عين زحلتا ... لوائل لادقي
عين زحلتا ... لوائل لادقي
Tyre city Lebanon Tyre city Lebanon
Phoenician Tyre was queen of the seas, an island city of unprecedented splendor. She grew wealthy from her far-reaching colonies and her industries of purple-dyed textiles
Sidon city Lebanon Sidon city Lebanon
This city, 48km south of Beirut, has one of the most famous names in history but its past has been plundered by time and by invader. Sidon was inhabited as early as 4000 B.C. and today is home to a Crusader fortress that rises out of the sea, a Murex hill formed by the refuse of the purple factories of antiquity, and ancient Necropoli.
Ixsir Winery, Batroun Ixsir Winery, Batroun
Lovely photos taken from Ixsir winery located in Basbina, Batroun, north of Lebanon
Gibran Khalil Gibran Museum Gibran Khalil Gibran Museum
Located in Bsharreh, his hometown.
Beiteddine castle, Lebanon Beiteddine castle, Lebanon
Just after Deir el Qamar and overlooking a terraced hill appears the palace of Beit Eddine. A delightful example of early 19th Century oriental architecture, the palace was built by Emir Bechir el Chehabi II (1788 -1840) who was for over fifty years not only the most independent and self-willed of sovereigns but whose reign was equally characterised by both justice and prosperity. Under his rule there was a boom in public works; roads were laid down or enlarged while new bridges were built and others repaired. His most spectacular achievement, however, remains the aqueduct of the Safa, a spring whose waters are regularly swollen by the melting snows.
The Printing press of Saint Antonius in “Quzhayya” The Printing press of Saint Antonius in “Quzhayya”
The Printing press of Saint Antonius in “Quzhayya” is the first printing press in the Middle East. It is located in a monastery in the Valley of the Saints in the mountains of the north Kaza of Lebanon. According to historians, a movable type printing press was imported from England to the Saint Antonius Monastery in 1585. The first publication was the book of “Mazameer” dated from 1610, and now present in the University of the Holy Ghost in Kaslik, Jouniyé, Lebanon.
Imar, Bechnata, Zgharta Imar, Bechnata, Zgharta
Located in North of Lebanon (Zgharta, District), contains a beautiful
hile in a pine forest.
Imar is perched at an altitude of 1050 meters.
Zouk Mikael Festival Zouk Mikael Festival
Photos taken in Zouk Mikael during the summer 2012 festival
Cavo Paradiso, Beach Bar Cavo Paradiso, Beach Bar
Cavo Paradiso is a Beach Bar, located in Batroun.
Arnaoon Village Arnaoon Village
Batroun Highway, Msaylha Fortress Rd., Batroûn, Lebanon, Batroun
قلعة سمار جبيل في البترون قلعة سمار جبيل في البترون
لم يعد مقام البطريرك الماروني الاول مار يوحنا مارون"خربة"داخل قلعة سمار جبيل الاثرية اذ ان اعمال الترميم التي قامت بها "جمعية مهرجانات قلعة سمار جبيل"بعد موافقة المديرية العامة للاثار على الخرائط التي وضعت من اخصائيين في الترميم ما اعاد القسم "البطريركي" داخل القلعة الى سابق عهده وقد تابعت المديرية العامة للاثار الاعمال حجرا حجرا واشرف عليها وزير الطاقة والمياه المهندس جبران باسيل وفق ما قال السيد عصام الديك الذي اشارالى ان الاعمال شملت العقد القديم الذي اتخذه البطريرك مار يوحنا مارون ملاذا له وملجأ وهو بطول40 مترا مقسم الى خمسة اقسا موفيه بئر ماء على اسم البطريرك القديس.
موقع المرده يلقي الضوء على القلعة من خلال صور بعدسة طوني جبرايل فرنجيه.

منتزه الوزاني على الحدود منتزه الوزاني على الحدود
منتزه الوزاني على الحدود الجنوبية
Beirut, Down Town Beirut, Down Town
Various photos taken from Beirut, Down Town, Beirut Souks, Zaitounay Bay, Beirut WaterFront.
Spinneys Spinneys
The Premier Supermarket Retailer in the Middle East
Zahle Lebanon Zahle Lebanon
Pictures taken in Zahle
Pope Benedict XVI Visit To Lebanon Pope Benedict XVI Visit To Lebanon

Various Billboards welcoming the Pop.
Ahiram Hotel Byblos Ahiram Hotel Byblos
Photos taken from Ahiram Hotel, Byblos Lebanon

Ajaltoun Summer Festival 2012 Ajaltoun Summer Festival 2012
The chehade brothers - elefteriades production
Byblos, Lebanon Byblos, Lebanon
Pictures of Byblos, taken on the way down from Laqlouq mountains, passing through Saint Charbel sanctuary finally reaching the byblos coast.
Batroun Open Air Party Batroun Open Air Party
Batroun International Festival 2011
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Stabat Mater - Liturgical & Sufi Music Stabat Mater - Liturgical & Sufi Music
Beiteddine Internationla Festival 2011
In collaboration with the lebanese association of the knights of malta.
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