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Mount Of Lebanon Sakiet El Kheit, Mount Of Lebanon Hermitages with rock paintings. Bnachii Zgharta, North Of Lebanon Bnachii Lake, North Of Lebanon Located in Zgharta District, North Of Lebanon. Tourza Town, North Of Lebanon Tourza Town, North Of Lebanon Located in Bsharreh District, North Of Lebanon. Zouk Mikael, Lebanon Zouk Mikael Lebanon Perched on a hill of the littoral of Kesrouan, between Beirut and Byblos, overlooking the sea Beirut Museum, Lebanon Beirut National Museum The story of the National Museum started in 1919 with a small group of ancient artifacts, which had been collected by Raymond Weill, a French officer stationed in Lebanon. Zahle City A red-roofed town set among the eastern foothills of Mount Sannine, Zahle enjoys a prime location in the Beqaa valley. Snowcapped mountains tower above it in winter, while in summer its 945 meter elevation keeps the air light and dry. Baabda Forest The Nearest Forest To Beirut, clean and quite. Quadisha Grotto Located in Bsharre district, North Of Lebanon. Qamou3 El Hermel A Column of 26 meters height standing on a royal tomb. Mayfouk Our Lady of ILIGE is an ancient church located in Mayfouk. Cedars Of Jaj Situated in 2.000 to 2.500 meters high on the western slopes. Ayoun El Samak Ayoun El Samak Lake in Akkar District norht of Lebanon. Rashaya El Wadi Beautiful Village in Rashaya District. Hamatoura The Holy Mountain of the theotokos, located in Kousba, koura district. Mtouleh Beautiful village in the Chouf district. Douma Beautiful village in Batroun district, famous for it's red-roofed houses.


Tannourine Cedars Al-Shouf Cedar [more]